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A level Courses in Drama

A level (AS) in Drama

Paphos Youth Theatre is now able to offer AS Drama as most of the work is of a practical nature. The course is divided into two units.

Unit 1 (40% of the course) requires students to explore two contrasting play texts in a practical way.

Unit 2 (60% of the overall course) requires students to demonstrate their acting skills whilst contributing to a performance of a professionally published play by a known writer.

AS Drama is a one year course. In order to successfully complete the AS in Drama, students must be prepared to undertake 3 hours of drama per week with additional rehearsal times.

Edexcel AS Drama Study Guide

The Aims of the AS in Drama are to:

  • Build on the students’ existing knowledge
  • Develop the students’ imaginative skills to think beyond their immediate experience
  • Develop research skills through observation, exploring both the students’ own memories and aspects of academic research
  • Enhance the students’ vocal ability through experimenting with their voice
  • Explore Movement as a medium of drama
  • Enable students to take-part in character development
  • Evaluate practically explored work.

The cost of the AS Drama course is €160 per month. In addition there will be an assessed workshop during the course. The price of this workshop is €60. Students’ written portfolios will be assessed and moderated. Students will be expected to purchase relevant course books and a list of these will be given prior to starting the course.

A level (A2) in Drama

The A2 Drama and Theatre studies will further develop skills gained in AS. The course is split up into 2 units (unit 3 and unit 4)

Unit 3. In unit 3 students will prepare an original piece of theatre based on a stimulus provided by the teacher.

Unit 4. In Unit 4 students will study one of three set plays and will study one of three periods of theatre history.

On the course you will:

  • Spend time working with others
  • Realise that there are no right or wrong answers
  • Work as an individual in researching material and putting your knowledge and understanding down on paper.
  • Develop an advanced level of performance and production skills.
  • Analyse the ways in which different performance skills can be presented.
  • Learn to appreciate the historical and cultural context of a live performance and the decisions a director makes in his interpretation of a play.

The cost of the A2 Drama Course is 160 euros per month. Students will be expected to purchase relevant course books and a list will be given prior to starting the course.


Days and times will be confirmed at the start of the course

AS Drama 2017/18

A2 Drama 2017/18

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